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Angelica Tan currently goes by the artist name, Anji (her Chinese name spelled phonetically), and has made her name as the singing accountant, as she is known to work for LA's top accounting firms during the day, and singing with some of LA's best musicians at night.  You will most likely find Anji kicking it after hours at a jazz club or jam sesh, singing her heart out.  Some of her early work includes creating the show "A Night at the Jazz Club", a sold out charity show featuring her 6-part band at the Bette Aiken Arts Center that raised money for the Chance Theater.  Other accolades for her vocals include being the 2014 Theater Vocals Scholarship winner for PAFAA (Performing Arts for Asian Americans), 2015 winner for UVSA's Statewide VietIdol Vocal Competition, Regional Finalist for Michael Feinstein's American Songbook Competition, and popular vote for Sarah Vaughan's International Vocal Competition.  She has also produced and performed her own sets with her band at the 626 Night Market Festival.  Her jazz-infused pop cover album is now available on Spotify and Apple Music, as "Studio Sessions" under Anji Tan.  

Anji has always been a theater kid, studying at Biola University's Youth Theater program, and had continued doing student theater at UC Riverside.  Most recently, she has tapped into film and will be in some upcoming film projects, including being a recurring feature in Lulu Wang's Expats TV show!  Being in the LA Music & Entertainment scenes have humbled and motivated her to keep learning and do what she loves.  She is very thankful for the amazing musicians, theater people, filmmakers and business professionals she has met in her journey of trying to become her own artist and entrepreneur.   She hopes to continue to keep doing the arts to help give back to the community.

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